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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


The basic heroes. Don't tell the Cimmerian I called him basic.
I finally got around to painting my vast collection of Conan figures (by Monolith). Previous large projects (Zombicide, Space Cadets: Away Missions) were approached based on which figures I felt like painting first. With Conan, I decided to prioritize figures based on what I needed to play the base scenarios. The first scenario required Picts, so I counted how many and started painting! I also painted the basic heroes (except for Belit for whom I chose a different figure, at least, than is suggested for the scenario.) I painted more Picts than I needed, but now I can play almost all the pict-related scenarios.  I also painted up Baltus and Slasher -- no game can involve Picts that doesn't have the option of adding that duo (my favorite supporting characters in all the Conan stories.)

A princess alongside Baltus and his companion, Slasher.
Next up will be pirates and Bossonian archers, then some city guard (as well as the random character here and there.) That will complete the base game figures. Then there are kickstarter figures and expansion box figures. Still quite a bit of material, but I hope to get the base game done before my next large kickstarter arrives: Rise of Moloch. Lots to paint there, too.
And here are some Picts!

Pict hunters. I paint the bases instead of using the "clip-ons" to reduce wear and tear.
I don't remember if I need these for the first scenario or not, but I painted them nonetheless.
Hyenas, though, I can't remember where they were in the Conan stories.
Of course, you'll need Zogar Sag to unite the clans.
A mainstay of Conan's world: The giant snake.


  1. Who doesn't love a hyena every now and again ?

  2. Wonderful minis, love the giant snake and the "basic" heroes!

  3. Love the figures which would be complimented by some finished bases.

  4. Amazing. Conan and the girl are right out of Frazetta :O

  5. Reading some of your blogs here, you have painted a lot of Steve Barber's Samurai. Are you willing to do a painting commission? Thanks