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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fun with green stuff!

Epoxy putty, popularly known as "greenstuff" (I use the crappy GW version) is put to good use here. In the picture of the hanging meat, the meat, the pelt and the rock tools on the pelt all were made from green stuff. The pile of tusks is all green stuff. The food and the food dishes also are all green stuff.
Green stuff takes some time to get used to. I'm getting some good results with it, but I'm not comfortable enough to give a tutorial on its use. In fact, the items you see here all are simple shapes (except for the pelt and tools.) A good paint job can spruce up a bad sculpt sometimes. If you have some green stuff- try doing a bowl of (generic) fruit. The bowl was made by forming a small ball with green stuff and then sticking a rounded pen cap into the ball to form a rough bowl shape. The fruit itself is merely tiny balls of green stuff dropped into the bowl. The green stuff is REALLY sticky, so you really shouldn't need to glue the fruit into the bowl (but can if you like.) Let it dry overnight, then paint it up- Bam! A bowl of fruit!

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