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Sunday, April 8, 2007

How I made a hotdog stand for my pulp games

Unfortunately, I do not have the pieces to show you the steps on building the stand, but I have provided an exploded view to at least show you where everything goes.

The bits you will need:

-1 small wooden cube. You can purchase these as precut at your favorite large hobby store (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Ben Franklin etc.) or you can simply cut your own.

- 2 wheels. I used viking shields from Foundry, they were the perfect size. But you can use any wheel that suits you- even small wooden discs would be fine.

- Brass rod for the pole holding the umbrella, the push bar and for the small support feet at the base of the cart opposite the wheels. (Brass rod also is good for making small hot dogs for the grill if you so desire.)

-Plasticard for the sides of the cart and for the small walls of the grill

-An umbrella. I got mine from a Foundry limited edition Darkest Africa piece, but there are others to be found. Try checking cake decorations.

-stem to a flight stand (or other suitable small piping) for the smoke stack.

In the exploded view, I mistakingly omitted the smoke stack, but you can place it anywhere on top of the cart that suits you. There also is an axle illustrated. This can be omitted from your model, and the wheels glued directly to the sides of the wooden cube so that it sits low.

That's all I can tell you on the hot dog stand. Don't forget to print off menus to glue to the sides of your cart. And especially don't forget a vendor to take the money and dish out the goodness! Note: Click on the images for larger versions.

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