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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goliath barbarian: Photoshop doodling

This is NOT my painting; this is my photoshopping of a Heresy figure (Big Boris Mk2), that I will be using as a D&D character (goliath barbarian).
This pic represents what I would like the final figure to look like, but I doubt I can sculpt the manica (leather arm armor) very well. I can do the shoulder armor easily, but it really needs the manica to work in my opinion. The character's background will be that of a freed gladiator (hence the manica.) I also may try to sculpt a greave for the left leg. First thing's first, I have yet to see the figure in my hand: I just ordered it a couple days ago.
Last piece of conversion: The double-bladed axe will be cut down to a bearded axe. Though, I'm still on the fence whether to take the axe or a sword.

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