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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goliaths assembled

Not my best effort, but it will do. The one to the left is the gladiator version. The shoulder armor has some engraving, but it came out a little too deep and "brain"-ish looking (at least in the photo.) I've since filed and sanded that engraving down; it's still there, but not as obvious.
I also added a leg greave, but it flares out a little in the middle. I should have fixed it when I could; I'll just say this poor fellow got defective/warped armor.
The belts/straps are first-tries; I'll definitely have another go at those when the next project calls for'em.
About the only thing that turned out exactly as I planned was the axe, a double bladed axe cut down into a bearded axe.
I'll try to get painting started this weekend.

UPDATE: I've torn the greave off; I'm gonna have another go at it. Luckily I didn't get too far- just gotta re-prime a little bit.

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