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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painting Goliaths: First sitting

I finally started painting the goliaths. I'm content with the painting. The goliath to the right in the final picture is covered in tally marks. You'll see the rest of the marks all over his body when I post final pics.
The photography isn't up to par, mostly because I took the shots sitting at the work table. The glossiness of the Foundry paints didn't help either. Maybe this is why I stopped doing other step-by-steps? I may just take pics of these goliaths when they are finished rather than more step-by-steps.
Would folks still prefer step-by-step photos, or would you prefer what I've been doing: Pics of the finished product with a post-mortem description of what I've done? I would prefer the latter; most of the techniques I use are well-known already; I'm not showing anything new (with the painting anyway; I'm still proud of my greenstuff and sculpey conversions and creations.)

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