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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Creative block and a few random thoughts

Well, I've painted a couple things, and now I'm having creative block; anyone have any suggestions of what they would like to see next on the blog? Another figure painted? Specific genre of figure to be painted? Small piece of terrain? Sculpey project?

I do have another mini I need to paint: Tobias Winterthorn, half-elf druid (from Reaper.) I'll post it when it's finished, of course, I'm just looking for something else.

In other areas of the hobby, I ust finished a session of D&D; had fun, My goliath barbarian did a rage strike armed only with a broom handle - and rolled a crit. So it was a good start for my new mini :)
I also will be using that mini for playing Red Sand, Blue Sky by Two Hour Wargames, my favorite gladiator game. I enjoy Two Hour Wargame's games because you can play them solo. Sometimes, friends are just busy, or it's the middle of the week, and I need to make some puppets dance! On the THW Yahoo group, they've announced a free version of some basic swordplay rules will be released next week. I urge everyone to try the rules out!

For my (40mm) Old West fans, I'd like to direct you to Knuckleduster's new blog at Forrest shows off some of his sculpts there and offers thoughts about his work. Good stuff.

I've seen some EXCELLENT dinosaur greens over at the Dazed Miniatures Yahoo Group. You'll have to join to see them ( I think.) Bob over at RLBPS has something special with Dazed Minatures. I think this will become the premier range of 28mm prehistoric and modern animals (at least after HLBS sells off the rest of its fantastic animals- I hope all those sculpts get bought up by others; HLBS's animals deserve better in the future than just another image at Stuff of Legends.) But go take a look at what Dazed has already done over at RLBPS. And maybe HLBS has some animals left over yet. If not, check out their 40mm catalogue of fun!

And finally, for those of you looking for something new to paint, try Copplestone's Glory of the Sun range. I can't imagine what I would need an army of these for, but I'd certainly enjoy painting one or two of these; As I've mentioned early in this blog, Copplestone sculpts are some of the most painter-friendly I've ever painted.

And no, none of these folks sponsor me; I'm not shilling for them on purpose. These are just companies, blogs and games I like, personally. So, until I can get something new on this blog, go check these others out for the time being.


  1. Excellent blog. Love your steamer!

    I'm painting some of the Copplestone Louis XIV figures at the moment and they are, indeed, a complete delight!

  2. oh yes, the Ghostbusters car is still on my mind. I've been thinking about sculpting my own.

  3. I'm a periodic visitor of your blog as there's always something new to discover. I would love to see some of the new Copplestone's painted since I'm also in the process of building a first French unit.


  4. Hmmm, Godefroy, I don't have any, but, I may purchase a pack after you mentioned it. Gimme a day or so to think about it. I just have to think of what I'd use the figures for. I'm looking at the first pack of officers; One I could use as an alternative D&D figure (warlord?) The others could probably be absorbed into my GW Empire army (or sold off.)

  5. Whoops, I mistook your comment on the new range by Copplestone. Thought you did already own some of these minis.

    Anyway, I'm very happy with my purchase: The figs could be used for many "swashbuckling" adventure games, e.g. on background of the later d'Artagnan Romances or Le Bossu stories. Rattrap's Gloire makes for some very fine gaming sessions in the Age of Kings.
    Personally I'll use them for medium scale battles with multibases (like the AWI miniatures shown on my blog).