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Friday, May 29, 2009

Ink washes

My friend Chad has started painting (Hordes), and he's off to an excellent start. One thing that struck me was his use of ink washes. The washes really brought out some details. He used it to great effect especially on finger and toenails (to some beast whose name escapes me.) The nails were honestly the best nails I've seen on a mini. He also gave a wash to some hides that looked to have been painted with a two-color method- Again, it looked fantastic- even with just the two colors.
Result: I bought a jar of GW brown ink (or whatever fancy name they had for it.) I remember I, too, started out using washes back in the day (1989-92; then college happened), but they dropped to the wayside as I started using the three-color method when I restarted painting in the lat 90s. Well, it's time I combine a lifetime of painting power and see what I can come up with!


  1. I've found washes hard to get right, but when you do the results can be stunning. I especially like Vallejo's skin wash.

  2. I experimented with washes long ago but abandoned them for the most part and switched to layering & blending. (For the most part.)

    All the glowing reviews of new GW washes caught my attention too.

    I've experimented with various mixtures (soap, acrylic medium & flow enhancers, Future floor wax, etc.) but never quite got the alchemy perfect. The GW washes, on the other hand, are simple and easy to use right out of the bottle.

    It started with just one or two jars, but I ended up with the full set. I really like the consistency & flow of them, better than previous products.

    I still don't use washes as much as some people, but that's starting to change as I get more comfortable with it.

  3. The brown GW ink wash, so far, hasn't done too much for one of my figures -- I blackline my figures -- BUT it does, at least, seem to enrich the browns and reds, as well as clean up some of my lines. I'm gonna keep going with it; I have yet to try it as a skin wash.
    I might try out the Vallejo skin wash just to broaden my horizons.
    The experimenting continues!

    I should have plenty of opportunity to try some washes with my Bad Bay Hackers (Blood Bowl team) which I have just recently rediscovered.