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Friday, May 1, 2009

Vacation time- time for a project?

So I have a vacation coming in the middle of May. I recently picked up a PDF copy of Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction/Swordplay rules (available FREE!) And I have some old Foundry Swashbucklers I'd like to use. But I forgot how ugly the basing was. My tentative plan is to rebase the 20 or so figures I have (see pictures for some of them); they'll be switched from flocked coin bases to flagstone display bases (just like the drummer shown.) I'd like to use them for urban street fighting/skirmishes.

Of course, this may change. I change my mind a lot when deciding on what to paint. That's why I don't do a lot of reigments or large groups of figures anymore. In fact, if I get in the mood to do regiments, I already have an Empire army that needs repainting (you can see that many-year project began with these crossbowmen and gunners).

I do have some Swashbucklers I've already began repainting and rebasing for adventures in the New World; I'll leave these alone. Though some that were primed and ready to become New World adventurers now will become swashbuckling street fighters.


  1. Any chance of more information on the flagstone bases?

    I'd like to see how you made them, used them.



  2. Tony- Great timing- I was actually going to make a few flagstone bases this evening. I'll try to post something for you today or tomorrow.