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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Waiting for figure: Reaper Vampire Bloodseeker

Some of you may have noticed a quiet lull this week. I'm waiting for a new Reaper mini to arrive from the Warstore.
I wanted another go at sculpting some hair, so I settled on this Vampire Bloodseeker. Enough bald head to work the hair onto; and I don't mind it's a vampire model- I can cover those ears up easily enough.'s going to be another Conan-influenced effort, this time representing the great warrior during his times as a pirate. I know there were specific descriptions of Conan in these times, but I'm going with my own mental image this time.
The colors I'm planning on (without having figure in hand yet) will be off-white/light beige for the breeks (pants) and outside of the cape, brown leather jerkin, silver greaves and an orange/gold (not metallic) cape liner. I'm hoping the appearance (along with added black hair) will be very light and somewhat Arabic in look.
I am a bit daunted because I'm not very good at painting white. The color I'll probably settle on may match the color of this samurai's shirt. I'll see how light I can get it. I'm still debating whether to do a tan base for the white, or a blue-gray (Reaper Pro paint's Slate color) base to compliment the orange cape liner. I'm not sure if I prefer the contrast of colors (with the blue) or keeping the entire figure "warm" (with the tan base.) I'll have a better idea when I see the figure in person.

8/4 Update: Still waiting. It's only been a week; I guess the Warstore has spoiled me. I'm hoping the models arrive Friday. That would mean cleanup, filing, greenstuff on Friday night; priming on Saturday and Sunday (I do it in steps) and painting beginning on Monday. Ugh. I hate waiting. In the meantime, I've painted up a couple more goblins- Maybe I should post those.

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