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Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramos, Steampunk sorcerer

This is Ramos, stemapunk sorcerer, made by Wyrd Miniatures. He was easy to paint. This was also a chance to work on source-light painting. If you can blend well, your results with source-light painting should be great; I don't blend well, so my attempt came out a bit high-contrast and rough (also note; I darkened the background to enhance the effect.)
Still, I'm happier with the mediocre sourc-lighting paint job than a better paint job without the lighting. In fact, I tried the lighting, painted over it with a regular paint job, didn't like it, and repainted once more with the source lighting.
I'd love to find an in-depth tutorial on source lighting. Until then, I'll just stay away from figures with a strong light source nearby.
Anyway, I like this figure; it would make a decent wizard, warlock or artificer for D&D (especially Eberon.) It's also the first magic-user figure I've done in a while. My thoughts are now on that unpainted Rackham wizard I have sitting in a figure case. No source lighting needed for that one, but still LOTS of detail to worry about. Maybe that will be my furlough project.

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