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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh yeah, Gamma World was fun

Angry pigs looking for gateways into other worlds; giant cockroaches with assault rifles; swarms of birds spreading radiation; scientist that appear when you just add water -- I think it's a winner.

 Also, during the D&D/Gamma World gameday, we used the tokens that came with the game; I actually enjoyed using the tokens, enough that I may not use miniatures for this game. That pretty much negates the dilemma of whether to use 15mm or 28mm figures.

But I may still use minis for the characters. And, really, since there are so many possibilities as to what the players could be, the figures would be more avatars rather than small representations of what the characters were actually playing. With this in mind, the selection of figures will be easy. 

If I go 15mm, I'll get a small selection of Khurasan minis; if 28mm, I'll do a mix of Dark Age (though, they are pricey) and Reaper Chronoscope. 

Until then, I may pick up another copy of the box set in Amazon (or eBay to see if anyone is just selling components), just for the extra tokens (though, having another copy of the rulebook wouldn't hurt; I'd sell off the extra cards.)

UPDATE: Oh, how could I have forgotten these. Sorry to all the other minis manufacturers, but I found a compromise over at NobleKnight Games: TSR Gamma World figures from the 1980s. Sometimes, I do just love that old school look, a look that will fit the new game very well. And these will be a nice median between 15mm and 28-30mm: I'm pretty sure these will be true 25mm figures. I also have a TSR box set of (Ral Partha) D&D fantasy minis that Jeff gave me. I think I will throw them into the gamma mix as well.

Oh boy- all this old-school talk is getting me into the mood to paint. Still have a few warmachine things for Rob, and a couple Reaper things for Jeff, and now some true 25s for me.

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