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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reaper: No. 2832 Ogre Chietain and No. 2765 Astral Reaver(s)

Here are a couple of Jeff's figures I've had for a little too long. The first is No. 2832 Ogre Chieftain. He was actually kinda fun to paint. He had a lot of stuff to paint, but I kept it simple by using the same base brown for almost everything; I simply took the highlighting further on some items (such as the leg wrappings, for example.)

The other figure is actually one of three figures in a pack, No. 2765 Astral Reavers. And, AND, I had that skin painted blue long before anyone knew what "Avatar" was. But Jeff loved the movie, so he'll probably enjoy this figure.I like the look of these reavers. I was thinking of getting a pack for myself for playing "Fairy Meat." There's nothing of note to mention about painting this figure. It did have a few tiny details, but the figure was simple enough otherwise.

I enjoyed painting both of these. I think part of it is because I'm getting back into the 28mm painting groove after a long stint with 42s, 54s, awesome little rocketships, and some adventures in sculpting. I'm sure I'll be back to doing all of that stuff, though. But, for now, a few more fantasy figures. Maybe I'll find some Dark Sun and Gamma World stuff to do later.

Ogre Cheiftain

Astral Reaver