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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Street Corner: A couple Joes

Painting is coming slowly along, but it's coming. Here are a couple more citizens for my Street Corner project. The man to the left has had his gun filed away and replaced with a newspaper; my stand needed some business. The other figure is a straight-up paint job.

The only other citizen I'd like to get my hands on is Copplestone's Sam Spade figure (in the Sleuth's pack.) I'd like to get some more citizens (and fighters,) but I'd rather have some new Copplestone sculpts. I may need to turn my brain back on and see what kind of conversions I can do. With the citizens, it would be much more of a challenge, given the relative static poses. A conversion I'd like to try is a reporter and a photographer. There's a Back of Beyond figure I know I could use for the reporter, but the photographer eludes me for the time being.

Another random desire: I'd LOVE to have (and I'm certain these do not exist) two teams of old-fashioned 1930s American football players. I think that's about as niche as you can get for 28mm miniatures. I think the only way it'll happen is if I win the lottery (and pay Copplestone for a private commission.) Hmmm, maybe Bronze Age's generic figures could be a good starting point to convert my own....


  1. Without sounding desperate here... PLEASE DO IT!!!!

  2. Which is that, the journalists or the American football team?

  3. The football team! At least one or two would be cool!

  4. Yes- absolutely I would LOVE to have two old-timey American football teams.

    I ordered the Sleuths from Copplestone Castings, and I plan to convert one of those figures into a football player. After that, I just need to find 21 figures to purchase and convert.

    (Or, as I mentioned in my post, win the lottery and commission someone :)