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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Street Corner: A few conversions begin

Got my pack of sleuth's. I have enough gangsters, so anyone who had a gun in this pack has had it removed. The rest of my plans are labeled on the picture.

The football helmet will be of the leather variety. I'll make it using greenstuff. I've cut the top of his head off (filed it flat as opposed to actually cutting it, that is) to make it easier adding the helmet. I need to flatten the sides of his head as well (to make room for the ear flaps.) I've also changed his the figure's pose a little bit, pulling his right arm down and throwing his left leg back a bit to pose him more as if he's running (or jogging.) I'm thinking about making him a football (or just using an old bloodbowl (non-spikey version) ball. I'm going to try to sculpt a separate hand right onto the ball, so I don't ruin the figure by taking his hand off before seeing if I can indeed sculpt a hand and ball.

The cane for my ritzy debutante will be a simple brass-wire affair. I had another idea for him: I bent his arm down a bit for the cane, but while the arm was still raised up (and without the gun), I thought this guy would work well as a big band conductor (just add baton). Not at all a bad idea, and it'd be about the easiest conversion to make. The hard part would be converting a big band for him to conduct. (I've seen Black Cat Base's jazz band, but I'd need a "big" band ... and a club for them to play in ... and a building for the club ... and a bunch of sportsmen and floozies to fill the club ... and you can see where this is going and why I'm making this guy a simple man-about-town, instead.)

I'm not sure yet how I'll do the bottle for my hobo. It'll probably be greenstuff as well. I may have some greenstuff scraps somewhere that fit the shape I need.

Not much else to say. I just wanted to get a photo up of these fellows before I changed them up too much.

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  1. With regards to the bottle I would actually recommend using plastic rod and sanding down the ends into the soft curves of bottle corners, that can be glued directly under the hand and a few stacked discs of plastic rod (maybe a tube for the neck opening) will be a nice finishing touch coming out of the hand. Hmm. I realise that the preceeding sentences might not be so clear. Feel free to drop me a line if you want a quick bmp sketch!