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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Street Corner: You wanna (brass) knuckle sandwich, pal?

Here's the last of my pulp gangsters. Another one withOUT any conversion work (save for adding a little extra to the base.)

For his pants (a bit difficult to see in these pics) and hat, I used Foundry's Granite, which I like. The jump between shades in the triad palette is a bit much, so I suggest mixing intermediary shades. Otherwise, I enjoy the greenish-gray quality making this color good for older, muted-color clothing (I was getting tired of trying to find yet another new brown shade to use.)

I went ahead and gave him some golf shoes. Why? It was something different to do. And they seem to match well with his shirt. All in all, I like the scheme for this figure: Simple with nice contrast.

I want to work on improving my craftsmanship with the urban bases. I'm happy with the results, I just need to get better at cleaning up the edges, especially when sculpting on these non-lipped bases. But the only thing I sculpt these bases for are my pulp figures. I guess I'll have to get more. Ahhh, excuses.

I may pick up just one more pack -- the Sleuth's pack. I'd get it more for the Sam Spade figure, but I'm thinking the Tin-tin "Boy detective" figure in the pack might be easily converted into a long-coveted 1930s American football player. What would I do with only one such figure? Hell, I dunno, paint'em I guess :)

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  1. I like him...knuckle dusters ..a pretty common weapon..seem a pretty uncommon thing in the world of minis.
    great brushwork