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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art while you wait

I've ordered a Varp Krigarr from Red Box Games to try to jumpstart my painting. It's essentially a but-naked barbarian. He should be a fun and easy figure to paint. Not sure if I'll do him up simple, or add some war tattoos. I'll worry about that when he arrives.

In the mean time, I've been keeping myself busy with my watercolor sketches. A couple months ago, I picked up a Pentel Pocket brush pen as well as a watercolor brush that holds its own water supply. The end result is that it makes it easy to pop these two tools and a compact watercolor box into my pockets and head out to draw and paint.

Anyway, here's some random art for perusal. The roller derby girl and the "parade" I actually did at work during some down time. The bridge was down on the spot (we had a random 80-degree fall day here in Iowa.) These were all done with brush pen and water brush.


  1. I have one of those Pentels. Definitely one of the best inking tools for the money. Just a shame it doesn't come with a refillable cartridge.

    I was thinking for a while of using one of those water brushes. Maybe I'll finally pick one up. What brand did you get?

    1. I hear the Koi brand water brushes have slightly better brush quality, but I use a Pentel brush for its slightly larger water resevoir.(and only now do I realize that my brush and pen are from the same company.)

      I actually just purchased a Koi brush - it felt the same as using the Pentel, BUT I've only used the Koi once.

      I'm sure you could refill an empty cartridge; the trick is finding an ink that won't dry and gunk up your brush bristles.

  2. Really like the "parade." Super creepy/interesting characters.

  3. Sketching is a good exercise, especially when "killing" some time. Nice work EC. There are lots of ideas here for future model-gaming related projects IMO. (:0)