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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Still waitin'

I'm still waiting for my Varp Krigarr from Red Box (it's not delayed or anything- I'm just waiting for it) so that I can prime it along with a small batch of figures I've cleaned and readied. Among those figures are the rest of the box set (The New Dungeon by Ral Partha, 1989) as well as a the two Reaper goblins I came across in one of my flgs's.

They're Reaper No.s 1329 and 1330. I wish I had a little more info (mostly a year) to attach to these just for a little historical posterity. They're certainly not the oldest figures I've painted, but they still retain a little of that old-school look I am starting to prefer these days. I'll probably paint them yellow-green to add to my friend Jeff's small collection of old school stuff. The New Dungeon Box was actually given to me by Jeff, but I'm painting it up slowly but surely and giving the box set back to him (along with the few random goblins and other old-school trinkets he's piled on my table.)

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  1. looking forward to seeing what you will make out of them!