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Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm back

It's been a couple weeks since I've posted anything, but I'm back now. I still have some Zombicide survivors to paint (among others.) They're primed and ready to go, I just need to actually apply some paint.

In other news, if you haven't seen it, there is a new Conan (the Cimmerian) skirmish board game on Kickstarter. Typical big box game with lots of minis and great sculpts. The game itself also looks pretty decent. Though, honestly, the first thing that caught my eye was that the creators made the decision (and are sticking to it) that everything in the game would be taken directly from Robert E. Howard's original source material. So no Red Sonja, no Thulsa Doom, No Ahnold.

Check it out. The campaign has broken a half million in three days, so there should be plenty of extras before it's over. I'm happy with the base contents as it is, but there's nothing wrong with adding to the lead mountain (though, these figures are plastic.) Go here to see!

You can read more about the game and see more photos of the figures (and art) at Board Game Geek.


  1. I am stoked by the Conan Kickstarter...I did laugh when I saw this drop and Warlord announced they are helping to distribute the new Terminator Miniatures game....a double dose of Arnie (even if the game does not have him, which is cool, I like the concept of dipping into the books....)

  2. I'm stoked, too -- I'm a big ole REH Conan fanboy; this might be the first Kickstarter I go all-in on. Good thing I do my taxes early and usually get a big return :)

  3. Yeah, Conan looks like it's going to be a great game. The rules look straight forward and the miniatures look really good... especially when you consider how many extra we're getting in the stretch goals! This should also be good fodder for 7th Voyage games

  4. Great thing about this KS is sticking to REH's vision, well that and the great looking figures. Roll on October!