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Monday, January 19, 2015

Zombicide: Survivor

I forget which character this is, but I'm too lazy to go look it up. For the basecoat, I approached this figure like I do the monochromatic zombies. For the zombies, I would start with a heavy drybrushing of the base color, followed by lighter drybrushings of the highlight colors (then picking out details and skin highlights.)

With this figure, I drybrushed the basecoat to help pick the details out of the black primer. This layer also helps to pick out which areas would need to be highlighted. For the trenchcoat, I actually just used the drybrushed base color as the color for the coat (followed up with a very light brushing of some highlight color.) The drybrush helps keep the colors stark and gritty.

I still have a couple more survivors to paint up, but they represent the last of my Rue Morgue survivors. Then it'll be on to some more monochromatic zombies!


  1. Great painting again on that figure.

  2. Hello, is it ok when i post the pictures from your Zombicide Models at with credits to your site? It is a German Fan Site. Your Miniatures are really great. I would like to show it on the site.

    1. Yes yes - please share my photos!

    2. Thank You. Here is the Galery