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Friday, January 15, 2016

Dragon Tides: Done

Well, that was fast; all of the figures from my core box of Dragon Tides are done -- and just when I was starting to have fun. Oh well, I guess I still have Zombicide and some 40mm samurai yet to paint.

Again, it was difficult to paint certain aspects of these figures -- faces and small details -- because the plastic bloated the original sculpts a little bit, but these are still some fun figures with plenty of character, and I hope to get in some games of Dragon Tides soon!


  1. Well done, they look as if they walked out of a comic book

  2. Great use of colour here - not-Bruce-Lee kind of had to have bright yellow pants but the others are carefully accented over darker colours so they are readily distinguishable but don't look like a bag of Skittles ;)

    1. Thanks!
      Oh, and by the way, We don't have to refer to the two main characters as "Not Bruce" or "Not Brandon." The Lee family gave official permission to use his name and likeness. They also had a hand in some of the art direction. That was one of the big draws for me to this game -- it's "official." :)
      (The other fighters are "Nots" though.