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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Smart AND able

Just a quick random from the table. This is a brain in a jar from my copy of Space Cadets: Away Missions (a very fun game, by the way!) I've mounted this brain, however, on a set of robotic legs from my mechanite team (from Dreadball Xtreme.)

Hmm, just a thought, I have other robotic legs (and wheels) from the team and extra brains; I could mount all the brains and make a fun little brain-racing mini game.

All in good time, I've started painting my Mercs Recon figures. I'm trying out some speed-painting techniques. For example, for my Security Force (Secfor) figures, I've drybrushed a dark olive base, then drybrushed from top down with a light olive for a simple highlight. One layer and a highlight for the faces and hands. Black gloves, boots and guns and done! It took me about a half hour to do my 10 secfor figures. Should be faster for the next 10 or 20 when they arrive.

I did a similar technique with one of my Mercs (from the Waza group,) and it seemed to work well. Shouldn't take too long to get everything painted to at least boardgame quality -- and I'll certainly post pics of my Mercs stuff when I get a bunch done.