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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tail Feathers update

It's been a busy holiday season, and I've actually been getting quite a bit of painting done. I still have three riders yet to finish before completing my Tail Feathers collection. I'm still debating whether to purchase a second copy -- it probably won't get a lot of plays with my circle of friends, but I really do enjoy painting those birds (and I'm sure I could house rule some of those Oak Guard into Mice and Mystics.)

In the meantime, I'm conjuring up some ways to store my M&M figures in foam (that will fit one of the base boxes.) I'll let you all know how that goes when I solve the problem. (It's actually mostly solved -- I found some pluck foam with 10mm squares, which makes things much easier to organize.)

I cut away the integral base and put these dancers on 40mm
bases by Proxie Models. Even the figures below are amazingly
stable once mounted on the new bases.
I also got some of the most fun figures I've seen in a while: Break dancers. These are 54mm, Little Green Army Men size (and the same soft plastic.) Thanks to Army Painter primer (Testors dries tacky on most soft plastics), I can paint these!

I had such a good chuckle when I first got my hands on these that my new Zombicide: Black Plague figures got pushed to the back of the table (no worries, Z-cide will move up fast.)

These are just a few of the figures I have; there are around 20 in the collection (two of each pose.) They also came with three separate boom boxes (I painted them already: one is black, one silver and one in construction yellow.)


  1. Happy New Year!
    Your birds sure look amazing, but it is very nice to see something different like the dancers too. Despite the fact they don't look overly detailed you made the one you painted up look fantastic.
    I hope you van keep up your painting rate as I really like your style.