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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Catching Up: Conan

 This is by far our (the wife and me) largest project -- the Conan board game by Monolith. We've been painting the figures on-and-off among our many other projects since the game arrived the same year my wife and I met.

We've completed all the minis in the core and King's pledge boxes. We're still working on figures form the expansions. By which I mean I'm still working on figures from the expansions; my wife has completed 95% of the figures she was "assigned" to paint (we split the work 50-50.)

I guess I just need to hunker down and make than final push so that we'll finally have everything for Conan painted and ready to play.

I'll split this post into two parts (Part 2 will be posted a day or two from now). This first part shows the heroes and some of the monsters. The second part will focus on minions.