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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Catching Up: Hate

 Hate was a game I didn't think my wife would enjoy. It was one I had been waiting for since it was announced during the Zombicide Black Plague kickstarter campaign. My original intent was to get the core game so I could use all those barbarians in Black Plague (as well as forces for various fantasy skirmish games.)
"But, Carmen, Hate IS a skirmish game!"
Yep -- and my wife and I played it together, wailing on each other with rusty blade and devious spell, and loved every moment. She beat me handily in our first played chronicle (campaign.) I look forward to the rematch. We both love it -- not just the simple gameplay (after we decoded the terrible rulebook), but for the excellently sculpted minis. I think my wife said they were the best sculpted she's ever painted. I'm not sure if anything has beaten  them yet as that trophy-holder.

Usually, we are somewhat sticklers for painting the minis as they are represented in the original art for their respective games, but the Hate figures were a little too close in "look" for that to be feasible; we like to easily find our forces on the table during play. So Elizabeth came up with the idea of choosing alternate skin colors as well as color schemes for each tribe. It worked like a charm.

It's still not finished. We have a half-dozen tribes yet to go as well as a few monsters and mercenaries, but we do have enough tribes painted to do a full 6-player chronicle. One thing about these figures is there is an absolute TON of detail to find, decipher, and paint. We only paint either a couple figures at a time, or a couple colors at a time for each tribe. It took me about a week and a half to each of my tribes. But damn, we love our little families of barbarians. 

Elizabeth, are you ready for a rematch? No? Still need to play more Invader, Conan, Rise of Moloch, Sleeping Gods, Aftermatch, Space Hulk and Outer Rim? Ok. Yeah, we love our games.

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