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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Catching Up

My wife, Elizabeth, and I have been painting'a'plenty these past few months. And since I've started (trying to) return to this blog, I've lost the habit of photographing everything we paint. But I had a freee day today and spent the time photographing a hell of a lot of stuff -- not hundreds, but enough to make a few posts. The next few posts will be simple gallery posts -- one for each game the figures represent. I'll start with the first game in our collection that we started painting together as a couple: Zombicide Black Plague.
This one we're actually close to finishing EVERYTHING we have for it, including several custom characters and monsters. As such, there aren't very many images here -- just pics of some of the new things, including a great remorhaz (we call it a wyrm) my wife painted, It makes for a great "smaller" dragon to play in the game

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