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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ghostbusters: My first zombie!

Yep- I believe this is the first zombie I've ever painted- and just four years past the great Zombie Fad of 2007. I decided to go with a "warm" zombie, his flesh still "pink" with some remnants of humanity, rather than the ashen grays of the re-animated dead.
The only difficulty I had (and will probably have with the others) is figuring out where clothing ends and skin begins, and where skin ends and internal organs begin. I think it will all become more clear as I add paint. (This figure actually didn't have much of any exposed insides.)

Flesh recipe (since a lot of folks ask): Base coated with P3 Khardic Flesh, then a wash of brown ink. Retouch with Khardic, then Foundry flesh 5B, GW Elf Flesh, and Foundry flesh 5C. I went a little heavier than usual with the Elf flesh and Foundry 5C to give my zombie a more pale appearance.

I have a couple more zombies  to go. My zombies come from Reaper Miniatures pack No. 3471. I think this is a great pack; you only get three zombies when most games require hordes, but if you're looking for just a few, these work nice. The rags they wear are obscure enough that you can use these zombies for both modern and fantasy games.


  1. OH NO!! You know what happens when you have one Zombie...the slightest scratch and thers another and before you know it..:-)
    Looks very nice

  2. Looking forward to seeing more of the zed horde ! Great work ...

  3. Mostly these will be for the shelf, but I do plan on playing a few games with these using a self-made variant of Tusk (dinosaur hunting rules.)