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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What to do; Maybe pulp gangsters again?

Copplestone Gangsters
So I'm really stuck on what to paint next. I thought I just didn't feel like painting, but nope, I'm just stumped as to WHAT to paint. One thing I dug out (on the heels of my boxers) was my collection of Black and White figure. I kind of feel like painting some more gangsters. Should I strip these down and repaint them? Should I buy an entire new collection? There have been a bunch of new ranges of 28mm gangsters created since I bought these Copplestone figures -- I can think of Blue Moon, Brigade and Pulp Miniatures right off. I still prefer Copplestones because they have the slotta bases (the tab is easier to remove so that I can rebase these on my own sculpted bases.)

A few of Copplestone's Gangster civilians

Another issue I'm having is space. I still have plenty of space, but I don't want to devote ALL of it to storing miniatures. Hmm ... perhaps it's time to start selling stuff? 28mm Foundry gladiators, vikings, various others here and there. Parting with them is not the problem, it's just the logistics of it all. I guess I have space enough for two or three more packs of Copplestone gangsters. Hmm, maybe Jeff would like some vikings and gladiators? That way, I can still see them occasionally when I visited :)

Maybe I should start painting minis one at a time? Carefully, with thought, planning and patience? Instead of a complete new collection of Copplestone figures, just a pack or two to last me a month or two?

Oh, rambling thoughts.


  1. Oh, lovely! If I get around to a pulp era figure collection, I was seriously considering doing them all up in black and white. Nice to see the idea in reality.

  2. Aw- don't repaint them! They're swell!

  3. I LOVE these models. I have been itching to try my hand at something like this and I think this was the final straw in me holding back.

  4. How about a tutorial on how to paint these ...

  5. what do you want for the B&W figs, and the vikings?

  6. Ken, I'm probably gonna keep the Gangsters, but I think I'll dig out my old (Foundry) vikings (older paint job, too) and take a few pics and post. I'll figure out a price once I see them again; I haven't taken them out of the case in a couple years. Busy week, so I don't know when I'll get that done, though.

    Wargames Editor: Check out my blog archives; go to April 2007, there is a step-by-step. I also have a PDF copy of the issue of Miniatures Painting and Modelling Magazine in which I talk about painting black and white (with pics). Send me an e-mail at evilcartoonist at yahoo, and I can send you a copy.

  7. By the way, Here's what I've decided: Maybe sell of the Vikings and Gladiators. Purchase one pack of Gangsters to paint for the time being. I'm also stripping the paint off a couple beat cops I did in color. Still going to do them in color, I just felt like repainting them. (They also had an ugly skin tone from before I had worked out a good recipe.)