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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pulp: (Copplestone) Beat Cops

Copplestone Castings Beat Cops (GN-12) (There are four figures in this set; the fourth is not shown)

Here are my beat cops from Copplestone Castings (Gangsters range GN-12). I purchased these after my black and white project to paint up for use in Scotland Yard. But I decided to (re)paint them up to go alongside my pulp fighters; I don't know how the new Smokers pulp boxing rules (Two Hour Wargames) will be played, but perhaps there will be enough room for a scenario or house variant with cops busting up a fight? In any case, they will provide some nice scenery. Or perhaps a cop just happens to be an opponent? Note: The fourth cop in this set has his gun drawn. I left him out of this group because I didn't want any guns drawn for my boxing games. That, and there just wasn't enough room for him in my small Chessex case full of smokers and boxers.

Also, you might spy in the back a scratch-built police call box. It's just bits of leftover greenstuff stacked, glued and painted. I decided to build one after seeing that Pulp Figures has its own beat cops set that comes with a call box.

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  1. Of course you have to have the crooked cops that are there to get their cut of the money gambled on the fight! (It happens here in Kentucky with cock fights! And it's pretty common knowledge!)