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Friday, February 25, 2011

D&D repaints: Human outriders and berserk flesh golem

Here's a few more of Jeff's figures, some human outriders and a berserk flesh golem (with before and after pics.) The outriders needed to be finished quick, so instead of doing an entire repaint, I simply used the original colors as a base and added a couple layers of highlights. For being noncharacter models, I think the result is still good.

The flesh golem was an entire repaint and rebasing job. The technique was nothing to write home about; simple layering. This is a larger figure, so I was quite comfortable painting it having painted so many other larger scale figures the past year.

As I wait for my latest Copplestoone order, I'm pondering my NEXT order of gangsters. I think I will eventually paint up Copplestone's entire gangster range, but I will do it a few packs at a time instead of ordering all of them at once, which would be a touch overwhelming. My first set of gangsters (those in black and white) I had ordered all at once, and the project was a just a little overwhelming, though doable. But this time around, I'll be making my own paved bases, cutting slots off the figures and drilling and pinning, AND painting them in full color instead of just a few shades of gray. So, yes, a bit of extra work -- best done a few figures at a time.

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