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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Barbarian clan (and a couple notes on my technique)

My barbarians, a hodge podge of Reaper, Rackham and Heresy figures

Nothing new here, just posting a group shot of my barbarians. I'm still thinking about what to paint next; one of the ideas I'm banging around is to increase the size of my little horde here. Since painting my last barbarian, Reaper has released a slew of new barbaric sculpts (just type" Icingstead" in their figure finder.)

Also, here's a more detailed pic of my barbarian king, an oop Rackham Drac Mac Syro figure. (I painted him as an "old" version of my first Drac Mac figure; hence the rusty armor and sword, and gray hair.) I'm posting this, so you can get a better idea of how I throw down the paint. I am definitely not a blender of paint. I prefer an expressionist style. I think this visceral style especially works with barbarians. I was thinking about the way I paint figures, because I realized my "Fighter" painting was painted using the same techniques- just on a larger scale.

And yes, it's definitely a much easier technique to paint figures with, especially if the figures are meant for the gaming table (seen from afar where my impressionistic strokes will optically blend) and not the showcase (where you can see each of my single brush strokes in all their singular ugliness.)


  1. Great work - and food for thought on your techniques too

  2. I paint the same way. I call it the 'English Style' because its the style seen most by the english mini painters who do not do blending either. Its very suggestive and impressionistic and can be very bold on a wargamming table. Historical guys paint like this so they can paint masses of troops, and your eyes will do the blending on the table.

    Great looking mob.

  3. Awesome, it has a name- So, yes, I paint in the English Style.

  4. Beautiful painting as always... I try to learn the "english style" too. But I still have lots of work to do with it, and get rid of my old manners :)