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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dreadball update: Marauder WIP

I've been out of the Dreadball loop for a few weeks- too many distractions (but I love those 42mm samurai.) Anyway, I got another couple layers of paint onto my Marauder team.

The theme I'm going for is a team of junkyard scrappers who've made their own armor. All of their armor is rusted. The next step will be to clean up the figures, painting the no-rusted areas black, so that I can see what I'm doing. I'll probably go back and paint a few random plates of armor as if they're newer pieces. And though the rust theme identifies this as a team, I'm still going to add red markings (though, I may change that to blue- it's not too late to change my mind.)

The goblins will be yellow-skinned (like the OLD-school D&D goblins), maybe a couple green or orange skins. The orcs will be varied- a couple cliche green-skins, another gray (or caucasian to represent an ogre?) and another brown.

Still trying to think of a team name. I'm thinking something along the line of "blank's" Scrappers. Maybe "Skrag's Scrappers." (or shortened to just "The Skrags.")

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