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Saturday, February 2, 2013

42mm Samurai: Converting the peasants

Here are my peasants after a few conversion steps. There were a few head swaps, all brand new weapons and some legs/ankles rotated to accommodate a couple poses that I've reversed from the original poses. In fact, I had one accident when I broke off a foot (you can barely see the piece of brass rod on the right leg of the man with the hammer (( look under the spear point)).) When I dig out the green stuff, I'll patch that leg up.

Breaking the foot off has me concerned that I've weakened the ankles on the spearman, so when I get the green stuff out, I'll give both reversed figures longer pants to cover the ankles and strengthen the legs. I also have to add tiny bits of green stuff to smooth out the neck connections on the head-swapped figures.

The fellow on the far right has yet to get a rain cape but otherwise looks just as I planned him. I also sawed the connection between his back hand and body so that I could raise that arm a bit to help level off the weapon angle (simply to add a little variety.)

And then there's Zatoichi with his sword cane, his head turned to listen for enemies. It took me a while to file down a peasant head into a bald head, but it turned out nicely. I still have yet to add longer coat flaps on Ichi, but I'm otherwise happy with how he's turning out.

I still have a samurai I haven't touched yet. He'll be getting a haori/jacket, and leather hat (as well as a hammered-brass katana blade.) I jut got all these figures a couple hours ago, so converting is progressing quickly. I'm going to take a break and try to plan some more before hitting the figures with the green stuff.


  1. Love the weapon on the far right guy (naginata? negimaki? whatever it is, it looks great.)

    I'm watching your weapon smithing with great interest as I just got a ton of putty and am about to embark on a figure sculpting extravaganza to improve my skills. And they're going to need some sharp things to swing!

    1. That's a nagimaki which is similar to a naginata except that the handle is wrapped much like a traditional bladed weapon (katana, wakizashi etc) rather than being mounted a pole.

      I'm getting better at my "smithing." I spend quality time on the anvil, bot most of the fine work I do with needle files (shaping the blade, smoothing out the surface, sharpening edges.)