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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

42mm samurai: Stripy pants

This figure is another result that makes me happy. There was a lot of work done to him, but it was all easy work.

The head comes separate on this figure; With my first copy of this figure, I set the head facing the same direction as the katana blade. With this figure, I rotated the head a little bit, which changed his whole stance nicely. His leather hat was made using green stuff (seen in this earlier post).

But the biggest conversion on this figure was the haori jacket. I filed down the katiganu (those big shoulder thingys you usually see on samurai) and added a long coat tail. That was about it. I simply used the existing kimono sleeves as the sleeves for the haori. Then I finished off the conversion with one of my hammered brass blades.

After painting the peasants in some lackluster browns and tans, I wanted something that was a little more striking, so I opted for the black and white stripes on the hakama of my samurai here.
I wanted this samurai to bring an air of danger, so I chose black for death, white for bones, and the red mon for blood.

Nest up: Zatoichi!

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