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Monday, February 10, 2014

GW Empire halberdiers

Here are a couple more old Empire halberdiers by Games Workshop, from before the dark times (no skulls or spikes on these sculpts!) These figures were originally plug-and-play; there were three or four bodies with a socket/plug in the center of the body. Then you could plug either a halberd, sword and shield, crossbow (which I have a few of,) or two-handed sword into the body.

I just chose colors at random, but the two figures here appear to be (after some post-painting research) halberdiers of Nordland (blue and yellow) and Ostland (black and white.)

I'm enjoying painting my old Empire collection this way -- rebasing on lipped display bases with flasgtone sculpting. I have a few figures reserved for proper regimental basing (including a couple 20-man regiments of GW halberdiers from 1991.) But I also have loads of other characters and regiments that I will probably continue to assemble and paint more individually (for display or skirmishing, but not for playing Warhammer proper.)

Here are a few of the plug halberdiers along with an Empire hero: