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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last Machinas update/Samurai news

The Icon of Saint Mercury. One of the first
cars I made, and now it's image will be
 preserved as one of the base
vehicles for playing "Machinas."


The Machinas campaign is close to earning a third deck of cards (which would allow for 12-car races! And yes, you can race that many vehicles without too much down time. That, and it would all fit on a dining room table.) The campaign is also just hours from finishing, so there's no time to lose!

So this will be my last post asking to take a look and pledge if you haven't yet and were thinking about it. Machinas is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but I love the innovative pack mechanic. What's this "pack" mechanic? check out Ed's video on the basics:

The rules can easily be translated/modded to run normal auto races, air races, hydroplanes, horse races and more. I've been working on the Rocket Racers version on and off, but I want to see how well Machinas does first.


The first Steve Barber figure I ever painted was this peasant,
and it's a sentimental favorite of mine. In the future, I may
commission Steve to do either another peasant or a Sohei.
I've commissioned Steve Barber to sculpt a couple more samurai. One is a little Japanese henchman/gangster/bandit, similar to those seen in "Yojimbo." I've seen the finished green, and it looks great!

This week, Steve is starting on a second figure, this one a ronin/samurai in kimono, hakama, haori, and wooden geta sandals, in the act of drawing his sword. He'll make a great boss figure for my new gang.

I know not many (any?) of you collect 42mm samurai, but I'm pumped to be getting some new figures to add to my favorite range and collection.

Why do I commission all of these figures? I'm running out of space, and this helps me control my figure purchases. Also, though I'm only getting a few figures at a time, I'm getting exactly what I want (and Steve's sculpting prices aren't too bad!)

If you only collect figures to paint, I recommend you try a few figures from this range for something different. It's also nice to have a range of samurai where painting the lacing is not an impossible task.

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