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Friday, May 16, 2014

Army Painter Spray: Great Bones primer

A quick post (to update my many Bones rants)
Thanks to Sgt. Obidiah for the heads-up on using Army painter sprays to prime Bones figures.
It works great! There's no tackiness, it dries fast, and it has a strong bond to the figure. But there are a couple minor MINOR issues:

-- I have a can of "matt" black, but it dries shinier than my gloss coat. This is remedied with a quick brushing of some black paint that dries matt, enough to kill the shininess so I can see the figure details as I paint. There's also still enough grab for the paint to stick to, so no issues there.

-- Army Painter -- at least this can -- sucks for metal figures; Army painter chips off metal like regular paint chips off Bones figures. Oh well, no biggie, I still have my metal preparation down pat.

Like I said, a couple minor issues but with easy solutions. If you have some Bones figures, and you like a strong undercoat, I recommend Army painter spray/primer. Otherwise, for metal, stick to whatever else you use.

So- the short of it:
-- Works great with Reaper's Bones!
-- Dries fast
-- Strong bond to the figure; (it's so strong, it's like it primes and then varnishes itself all in one step.)

-- Matt dries shiny (but paint still sticks fairly well)
-- Doesn't work well on metal.

Note: I haven't tested Army Painter on hard plastic yet.


  1. I think it is actually designed for plastics...maybe...

  2. I wouldn't doubt it, and I wouldn't mind.
    If it's only for plastics, then it's doing its job fabulously.

  3. For priming Bones, you should give gesso a try. It's worked _extremely_ well for me.

  4. Are you willing to do commissions ? Sorry for writing here, but i can't find an Email, or any other way to contact you.

    1. I don't do commissions per se- the closest I come to doing commissions is to sell what I've already painted (or do commission for my friends here in town, where I don't have to deal with mailing/shipping.)

      What did you have that you needed painted? Maybe, on the off chance, I'll have a copy of the figure?

      (And it's all right to contact me this way.)

    2. Also- you can email me at evilcartoonist at yahoo.

  5. Thanks for the tip, much appreciated!

  6. Have you a recommended primer for metals?

    1. I personally use Testors Matte Black 1249, but I've been thinking of trying something different, maybe even one of the cheapo Krylons at Walmart.

  7. I'm glad it worked for you! When the bones stuff came out i messed with all kinds of things and the army painter seems to be made for it! it does work well on hard plastic but it is a bit weak on metal. I would say though if you are careful you can get away with it. on my blog i painted a unit of ww1 metal french as a test and while the blue was easily chipped off, once i had the quickshade on they are very durable.