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Thursday, May 8, 2014

More samurai quilting

I finished the latest batch, but I wasn't ready to stop painting samurai, so I stripped the paint off this guy, repositioned the arms and katana and gave him enough paint to join the hatamoto-yakko.

The haori/jacket was added using green stuff. Since the arms are one piece, it's difficult to pin them to the torso, so the jacket serves to strengthen the joints.

I thought about the paint scheme for a few days before settling on the assymetrical quilt pattern for the jacket, and the floral pattern for the kimono and hakama. I also wanted to keep the colors stylish but not too bright; I think this fellow will fit nicely either in the gangs or as an independent ronin.


  1. Another gorgeous figure. The patterns came out great. Would you consider doing a tutorial on doing those floral patterns? They add a bunch of visual interest while remaining wonderfully understated.

    1. Most of the patterns are quite easy. I'll post something later (in the week) showing how I do a lot of the different patterns.

  2. Stunnig work as usual.
    Weren't writing a THW Samurai rules? Any update?

    1. I sent Ed a PDF of weapon stats (for us with RSBM). I think he forgot to post them; he's been busy with the ATZ (expansion) Kickstarter.
      Send me an email at evilcartoonist at yahoo, and I'll send you a copy of the PDF (complete with errors :)

    2. ...Also- taking on a full book (such as Japanese version of By Savvy and Steel) was too much for me. I believe Ed said he'd find someone to take it on.

    3. Well that's a pity and I do hope someone else will do it.
      Also I was hoping for a full RSBS samurai ruleset and I think it would be a seller.