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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hetairoi's Tusk

I converted these 54mm figures from Bronze Age
generics into cavemen so I could play "large"
games of Tusk. I never did finish that 54mm
mammoth ... hmmm.
If you've seen any of my cavemen on this blog (28mm or 54mm), all of those were originally painted specifically to play Tusk, one of the great beer-and-pretzel prehistoric hunting games. One of the neat mechanics the game introduced me to were the reaction tables, simple charts that controlled the behavior of the animals being hunted.

I liked the mechanic because it allowed me to play the game solo; I enjoyed many a fun Tusk game. I sought out games with similar mechanics, and this led me to Two Hour Wargames which takes the whole action/reaction system a few steps further. I got heavily into many of their rulesets, and Tusk got tucked away.

Well, Hetairoi Wargames has been doing a few figures for Tusk, and he's doing it right; the fire looks great next to the other figures; the cavemen have some fun styling; I think there will be some great looking Tusk games in those figures' futures. So anyway, go check out Hetairoi's blog! (It's one of my favorite.) Here are a couple links to get you started with his Tusk stuff: Fire!, Elasmotherium, Cavemen, mammoth.

If you're interested in playing Tusk, the game was meant for 15mm figures (there were figures made specifically for the game), but it works with any scale with a few changes in distances. I think Irregular Miniatures still sells the game, along with the original figures.