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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flash Point: Firefighter generalists

Here are the remainder of my basic firefighters for playing Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Also here are the Veteran and the Dog. On their way in the mail will be the specialists, which I hope to paint soon. And behind the specialists are a few more samurai because, you know, I like samurai.

One more thing I did different from the first firefighter I painted was to add a nice coating of dust and grime (a simple dusty drybrushing of some light drab.)

Bones -- some good news?

I'm feeling good about the varnish (Testors Dullcoat) holding these paint jobs together (on the Bones-like material.) But I tried something slightly different in preparing some Bones figures.

Instead of washing them in dish soap, I soaked some Bones figures for 24 hours in a bath of Simple Green (giving it a couple swirls in the mean time.)

Then I tried a little paint directly onto one of those figures (no primer) and gave it plenty of time to dry (and fully set,) and it seems to be holding really well! The paint can still scratch off, but not nearly as easily as before; it'll hold for sure during the painting process. And once the varnish is on, everything should be golden.

Now, Bones are still not my favorite -- some facial and other small details on a lot of the humans are still shallow -- but plenty of the other figures such as monsters, dragons, skeletons, goblins, orcs and such are great as Bones figures.


  1. Great work on those firefighters! I didn't know the new edition had figures

    1. I remember getting these through one of the Kickstarters; I'm not sure which edition they're available with, but I do know at least these basic figures are also available through the Board Game Geek store.

  2. I like these a little better than the first one you did, the cleanliness and the red SCBA bottle bothered me a bit.

  3. Yeah, I originally painted the SCBA bottle red to further accent the player color, but the base colors do just fine for that. The remaining bottles will be beat-up silver (as far as I can tell on reference photos.)