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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Rogue Planet: Heavily armored

I had meant to paint this figure last, among the Rogue Planet figures, because it's my favorite. But I wanted to test a skin triad on it; I followed up by painting all of the rusty armor. All that was left was the loin cloth and the rocket pack, and, before I knew it, it was done.

I love all the different genres mixed here: Ancient gladiator, post-apocalyptic rust, retro-future rocket pack, modern minigun. I love it all on this figure.

This one was fun to put together and paint. The helmet was something I had actually sculpted myself a couple years ago. I didn't have any use for them (I have two or three) until now. I think it turned out great. All of the rest of the armor is simply green stuff thrown on, pushed around and flattened out. The minigun was made using brass rod carefully driven through disks of cured green stuff.

Oh, and the flesh triad I used on this one (all Vallejo):
Base: 875 Beige Brown
Mid: 876 Brown Sand
1st highlight: 860 Medium Flesh
Final highlight: 955 Flat Flesh