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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Zombicide Rue Morgue: Survivor Maddie

Here's another survivor from Zombicide Rue Morgue. Not my favorite, but at least she was easy to paint despite all the details (suspenders, stuffed bear, pins on her jacket.) I think the sculpts (and castings) keep on improving. I haven't had any difficulty painting any of these figures so far.

So after I finished painting Maddie here, I realized I was going to paint up some of my survivors as members of a tribe (and if you're a fan, yes, the tribe I'm using are the Gypsies from the movie Bounty Killers.) It was just a matter of painting over her face and then doing a rudimentary skull-esque pattern.

It'll be a while until I get the whole tribe finished (I plan on doing 6 or 7) because a couple of the figures I want to use are in the Angry Neighbors box. But once they're done, it'll be fun to run the tribe through the Badlands (I'll have to houserule some radiation rules and use lots of Toxic zombies.)


  1. Very nice, looking forward to seeing the whole tribe. Took me a while to work out that suspenders = braces. Merry Christmas Evil Cartoonist.

  2. She looks just great! I finally bought myself into Zombicide and your blog certainly is a great inspiration.

  3. Amazing job dude! Love the stockings.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Great work on that mini. It may not be your favourite, but you have done an excellent job. :)