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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Rogue Planet: Rocket launcher

Here's another Rogue Planet figure. She's carrying the Rocket Explosive Deliverer (also known as RED.) I kept the figure basic because I had to put in a little extra work on the rocket launcher itself, even though RED is just a collection of sections of cured green stuff, cut and fitted together. The handle and shoulder rest was made by first hammering a length of brass rod fairly flat, then bending it to fit. It took me a couple pieces of brass rod to get this part right.

The colors were a little bright, so I did a drybrush dusting of the entire figure to weather her down a little. I think she will still fit in nicely when she is seen with the rest of the post-apoc collection. (And when I finish these Rogue Planet figures, I'll take a group shot of the post-apoc collection.)

I still have four more Rogue Planet figures to go. I've been painting other stuff, so the energy is there, I just need to focus.