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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Zombicide: Sabaton

I decided since I demoted most of my zombivors to zombies, I could promote a zombie to survivor.
"Come at Me, Bro" is the result, a ragged punk armed with nothing but grit and fists.
I also promoted Bones' zombivor to full survivor here. I like his pose; it reminds me a little of "El Mariachi."

Tramping around the internet, I found a Swedish metal band named Sabaton, and they just happened to have a lead singer with a mohawk, and guitarists with long hair. So I figured this pair of figures would be fun to represent the surviving members of that band.

Painting these went well. I may dig out more zombivors over the next few days and paint them up proper. I also still have some Rogue Planet figures I need to finish.


  1. Sabaton and Zombicide.

    You have good taste sir.

  2. Great work sir!

    I especially like the mohawk guy. :)

  3. Now that really looks like some nicely painted figures. The punk looks pretty spooky.

  4. I actually dug out my Bones, Grindlock and Mitch survivor figures; I think I have enough for almost the whole band! In any case, it's enough band members to field into a game. Maybe I need to write up a scenario: "The Band has left the Building!" I could use the season 3 outdoor tiles to represent the grounds at an outdoor concert festival.

    The punk from earlier will be demoted to a groupie since Mitch makes a much better Joakim Broden (lead singer of Sabaton.)