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Thursday, July 21, 2016


Oh man, has it already almost been a week since I posted Klom? Well here is some more art from my pile until I can get some minis painted. Speaking of which, I'm one Tim the Enchanter away from finishing all my Zombicide Python/Grail figures. I COULD post them now, but I want to post them when the whole gang is done. Anyway --art....

I painted cheesecake using my Vallejo acrylics -- Vallejo works
great for canvas painting (though, it could get expensive if I did
it all the time.) Mmm, cheesecake. Now, I want cheesecake.
I used my Pentel Pocket Brush pen to doodle this on a PostIt Note while
I had a sandwich at the local Subway until the rain stopped.

"You kids get the hell off my Medieval lawn!"


  1. Cheesecake is very Wayne Thiebaud. Love it.

  2. Inspired by the very same--
    Huzzah for art history!

  3. There's some nice Thiebauds here at in KC at the Nelson Atkins.

    1. I've seen them. I'm originally from KC, and sometimes make it back (maybe once a year.) But Thiebaud is one of my favorites. I like the realism he can achieve with impressionistic strokes of paint.