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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dakka Jet!

It's (mostly) finished. I still need to get the base together, but the business part of the whole sh'bang is done! I also still plan to do some kind of art on the tail, but I want to plan that out a little more. I also plan to write the pilot's name somewhere on the jet, perhaps some kill markings and such, too.

FYI, the cockpit location on my jet does not come in the box that way; I had to cut away some fuselage with a saw and get the pilot and control panel to fit with a bit of cutting and filing. I lucked out and got everything to fit almost perfect. The large intake and extra pipes came from a Wazzbomma parts eBay purchase and don't come with the Dakkajet (not the version you get in the Storm Cloud box set, anyway.)

I'm happy with my little jet. Enough firepower to annihilate all foes, a big-ass engine to go fasta, a suitably personal yet orky-enough paint job, and enough conversion work to make this one my own.

Now, he's probably going to need a wingman.

I'll have to get some proper photos later, but here are a bunch of random hand-held angles.


  1. excellent. Looking forward to seeing the finished tail.

    And then the wing man.

  2. Dude that came out really nice. Like the weathering you've done on the wings, best of all it's very ramshackle looking Ork-ness!!!


  3. That is pretty darn awesome....

  4. That is pretty darn awesome....

  5. That's the best painted ork vehicle I've seen.