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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Zombicide: Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

I finished a few figures for Zombicide Black Plague, including the prized Monty Python and Holy Grail figures. Now, to help skirt copyright, the sculptors changed a few minor things (heraldic devices and such,) and I didn't bother converting any of it back to the "original," but they still look good and everyone knows who they are :)

I also finished Dr. Stormcrow who I added, along with Klom, to my Chronicles of Hate group to complete a full 6-survivor group to take into games. This group's theme seems to be "Survivors who actually WANT to fight the zombies."

I'm still working on the Dakka Jet -- it's almost built. I finished painting the pilot today (forgot to take a picture!) I'm still trying to think of painting ideas for it.