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Friday, July 22, 2016

Dakka dakka dakka!!! Almost. Just started.

The engine is so big, I had to move the pilot to the wayback.
A friend of mine and I split the cost of a copy of Games Workshop's new Storm Cloud to play. He took the eldar crimson hunter, and I took the dakka jet.
As you can see, I'm totally trickin' out my ride -- it's BOSS!!

I made a separate eBay purchase for a few spare parts (namely that giant blower up front, as well as plenty of extra pipes.) I don't have any other orks, so I was only going to get this dakkajet model if I knew I could make the engine big and imposing enough that my one and only ork purchase would sound like an entire army.

It's not obvious in this snapshot, but I also moved the cockpit way to the back -- I wanted sort of a layout like that of the Gee Bee racing plane. It took some cutting, but the result worked out well (as you'll see in the future when I finish construction and painting.

As for the painting, I'm not quite sure what scheme to do. I don't want to do a traditional ork scheme. I was originally going to do all silver with a giant red nose, but now I'm thinking of some sort of matte color, so I can emphasize the chrome/metal pipes on the nose. I'll figure out something, but I need to finish construction first. The process continues!


  1. Wow, that is some engine!

    Dakkajet or another variant?

    1. I'll play it as just a regular old dakka jet. She's a variant only in looks :)

  2. Nice conversion. I'd go with an early cold war bare metal with a checkerboard tail.

    1. That paint idea is very close to what I originally wanted to do, but after making the engine with this many pipes, I want the fuselage to contrast with the metal pipes.

      Also, if I'm feeling ambitious enough when I reach that point, I might try a portrait of Madonna and Child on the tail section :) Maybe. Maybe Madonna and Ork baby.

  3. Fantastic looking conversion! Greetings.

  4. Paint it like a Bee racer, I remember a red nose and the rest of the plane in white for a color scheme. With your talent adding wear and tear on the white it should snap and pop baby!