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Monday, January 12, 2009

Dead mammoth

Oh, today was a good day. Even if I don't complete this project for whatever reason, I am happy with how (relativley) easy it has been to sculpt this mammoth carcass.
Believe it or not, the work shown in these photos represents only about an hour and half of work (including the quick sketch on the base. I had been holding off doing this model for a year or so because I wanted a lot more practice with green stuff. Then I happened upon Sculpey and, as you have seen in the past few posts, everything has changed. I handled this model as I added the legs and smoothed the sculpey over the body and it never deformed or took any fingerprints. The other thing I like, is that I don't have to wait for the sculpey to cure before adding more. This sculpey will keep for months, allowing me to correct mistakes or to let the model sit on my work table while I do other things.
I hope, tomorrow, to begin work on the head. I'll need to consult some more reference material, but I'm not looking for absolute accuracy; I just want folks to take a glance and think, "Oh dear, a dead mammoth."
The stomach will be open and organs laid about, including a pile of intestines that will trail back into the carcass. It will be gruesome.

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