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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Minor update

Nothing new to show everybody, sorry. I'm looking forward to the release of Warhammer Historical's new Trafalgar game (Napoleonic naval battles.) I've preordered the rules and have ordered just a couple ships from GHQ -- USS Constitution and a Baltimore Privateer. Hopefully, I can get one of those finished before long.

Haven't touched Sculpey in a couple weeks. The dead mammoth took a lot of my energy, and as I sat around the next few days thinking about what to do nex, I've gotten sick..twice. A VERY sore throat- painful enough to be distracting, so not conducive to painting. It's nothing serious (pharyngitis), but it does hurt. So I should hopefully be getting better when those ships arrive. Until then, please enjoy tromping around through my archives; maybe you'll find a nice treasure you missed last time you visited.

P.S. has anyone else been experimenting with Sculpey? Feel free to post a link to any of your projects in the comments box.


  1. Sculpey is named Fimo here in France (i think). I ve made this (Parental advisory, it s Ragnaglar Avatar of Chaos from RQ) :

    and that (glorantha):

    or this (glorantha):

    and this : (Secret of the third reich) :

    and those (Shoggoths : I ve not been carefull with the fingerprints on those ) :

    I ve made a few more stuff, but no pictures are available. I often mix diferent materials (especially on the SOTTR bust for exemple).

    Take care of your health and come back fast to the painting table !

    PS : any link to those boats ?

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  3. Magnifique! Merci pour l'inspiration. And thanks for sharing.

    Here's the link to the GHQ Napoleonic ships:

    I'll have photos of my specific models when I receive them. For France and European buyers (if only to save on shipping), I would recommend Langton Miniatures

    I prefer GHQ because the company is only 200 miles from me (cheaper postage.)